Each Day

Is a Choice

YOU are the sum of your choices

Planning Travels



Guide each customer to focus on DAILY intentions in their goals, to achieve results at work, and mindful balance at home.



Leading with integrity to listen, ask questions, and unlock potential in a journey of growth, learning and success one day at a time. 



Ignite a "movement" focused on DAILY intentions, to create healthy cultures using strengths and authenticity to embrace each individual's story.

Oh The Places You'll Go


We all have ONE day to make an impact - Make it Count

"Oh, the Places You'll Go!", a very wise book Dr. Seuss left as a legacy to all generations. It reminds us... "You have brains in our heads, You have feet in your shoes". Such wisdom to recognize an individuals skills, abilities, and knowledge! And we can't forget about the "waiting place." We have all experienced this scary stage. The turns. The twists. The defeat. Reflecting on those twists and turns, that is the foundation of growth, and ultimately SUCCESS. ("98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed")! At Journey Ahead we believe "learning agility" is key. Learn from the past, plan for the future, and remember to embrace that EACH DAY provides a chance for a new mind-set.



Our goals will continue to point back to our Mission, Values and Vision. Two companies working together to partner with organizations on DAILY intentions. We aspire to co-create excellence with our customers by bringing diverse teams together to achieve greater results at all levels.

Today is the first step in the Journey Ahead!

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Jessica McCormick
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Jessica McCormick is the Founder & President of Journey Ahead Coaching & Talent Consulting, a company committed to guiding each customer to focus on DAILY intentions in their goals, to achieve results at work, and mindful balance at home. Jessica is an ICF Certified Coach with over 20 years of diverse human capital leadership to include strategic planning, organizational effectiveness, diversity and inclusion, and sales transformation.  “My belief as a leader is that a company’s talent is truly their greatest asset, and if you focus equally on their brain, well-being and goals, the company will reap the greatest return on investment.  Success through authentic leadership is about the impact that will leave a legacy, focusing one day at a time”.


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Scott Haag
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Scott, the COO of Cornerstone Staffing, as more than 20 years’ experience providing strategic workforce solutions for companies in Nebraska and the surrounding region. Scott’s goal is to lead with innovative solutions with his partnerships and in the communities that he serves. My true passions and areas of specialty are being a Trusted advisor, Recruitment Strategies and Implementation, Diversity in the workplace, Talent Pipelining and Management, AAP & OFCCP Compliance Plan Creation with Implementation and Human Capital Strategies. Matching the right person with the right job!

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What We Do

At Journey Ahead, our mission is to guide our clients to focus on DAILY intentions in their goals, to achieve results at work, and mindful balance at home.

Executive and 

Leadership coaching

Three Key Pillars:

Inward Clarity - Self-Awareness
External Clarity - Step-to-the-Side
Leadership Communication - Be a Coach 

Each individuals story is important.

Strategy, Talent, and Organizational PLanning

Why do you exist as a company?  Create a leadership culture of linking your strategy to daily outcomes.

Assess current state of business strategy and gaps to collaborate towards future state.

Prioritize talent alignment and resource allocation to top strategic efforts. 

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As a CEO, a mom and a wife, Jessica coached me on a personal fulfillment - what my personal journey is and how to work through choices in front of me to be my best self.

CEO & President, Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Minnesota



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