Journey Ahead is centered around guiding authentic leadership. What does that mean? 

Empathy as a leader, to empower team at all levels, absence of fear, and grounded in psychological safety.

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Guide each customer to focus on DAILY intentions in their goals, to achieve results at work, and mindful balance at home.

Leading with integrity to listen, ask questions,and unlock potential in the journey of growth.


Ignite a "movement" focused on "daily" intentions, to create collaboration and authenticity to meet each individual's story

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We all have super powers

Each Human Is Born With Greatness 

At Journey Ahead we embrace that every leader was born with a strength and purpose. Question is, how will you foster your leadership strength?  Success in leadership is embracing our role, without compromising  "self" or values.  Diversity of thought, collaboration, and people over projects.

We offer a wide range of consulting services to serve a variety of businesses and clients. Whether you’re a small, local business or a national corporation, we can help you reach new levels of success. 


Finally, learn from the past, plan for the future, and remember to embrace obstacles to provide a chance for a new organizational mind-set.


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Our goal will continue to point back to serving our customer..We aspire to co-create excellence with our customers by bringing diverse teams together to achieve greater results at all levels.

Each day is a step in your Journey Ahead!

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Jessica McCormick

President, Journey Ahead Coaching

Business Strategist  and ICF ACC Coach 

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What We Do

At Journey Ahead, our mission is to guide our clients to focus on DAILY intentions in their goals, to achieve results at work, and mindful balance at home.

ACC Executive and 
Leadership coaching

Inward Clarity - Self-Awareness & Authenticity

External Leadership Clarity - Communication, Communication, Communication

Leadership -  To create an environment of collaboration, organization innovation, diversity, and psychological safety to inspire individuals to grow and reach their full potential.

Strategy and Talent Consulting


Why do you exist as a company?  Create a culture of linking your strategy to collaborative outcomes.

Assess current state of business strategy and embrace a world of "constant change".

Involve diverse levels of talent, from front line to executives, to guide strategic efforts. 

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As a CEO, a mom and a wife, Jessica coached me on a personal fulfillment - what my personal journey is and how to work through choices in front of me to be my best self.
CEO & President, Children’s Specialty Healthcare, Minnesota



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